Aastrika Sphere

Capacity building at scale

Aastrika Sphere Digital Platform

Comprehensive, high-impact, free-to-use digital platform offering multiple certificate courses

Aastrika Sphere In-Person Courses

Short-term courses using different andragogical approaches for hands-on learning and skill building. 

Aastrika Sphere Digital Platform

Free Certified Courses High Quality Content Self Paced Learning CNE Points

A learning platform in which individuals can access an entire library of engaging e-learning resources while organisations can create high quality training and skilling content.

  • Continuous learning and professional development
  • Assessing and filling competency gaps for individual healthcare workers
  • Certificate courses to stay up-to-date.


Multi-language support

Multi-device support

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Aastrika Sphere In-person Programmes

Experienced facilitators Small groups State of the art simulation techniques

In-person training programmes with a focus on enhancing skills and knowledge using a combination of workshops, seminars and immersive adult learning methodologies . The programmes are designed and facilitated by experienced faculty and include interpersonal connection, experiential learning and collaboration.

In-Person classes

  • Participative theoretical classes that focus on international evidence-based guidelines
  • Discussions, case studies, group exercises, and more
  • Immersion visits to best practice sites

Skill training

  • Direct observation for skill acquisition
  • Clinical skill-building through mannequins and tools
  • Repeated drills to achieve mastery

Simulation and role play

  • Simulation using props and role play to mirror different clinical scenarios
  • Group discussion and debrief following each scenario
  • Extensive practice of high-risk situations and rare clinical complications

Clinical practice and mentorship

  • Hands on training in clinical settings under guidance
  • Mentorship and discussion
  • Reflective practice and feedback
  • Auditing and quality improvement skills

Key programmes by Aastrika Sphere

Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) Training

We believe that RMC is a basic human right for every woman. Aastrika Foundation is working towards strengthening the health system to provide more compassionate and women-centric care through implementation of training programmes on RMC for various stakeholders within the health system - nurses, security staff, helpers, administration, pharmacy staff etc. These programmes are implemented using a variety of andragogical approaches, based on the stakeholder group, like digital courses, online and in-person classes, role plays, and simulations. We have trained staff at a large public hospital, small trust based hospitals as well as medical colleges on RMC. 

Continuing Nursing Education Courses 

Aastrika Sphere hosts a range of courses that provide nurses with Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) points, free of cost. 
In an ever-evolving nursing landscape, it is crucial for nurses to remain current and adapt to emerging trends and best practices. The Indian Nursing Council (INC) offers Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) programmes to support lifelong learning and professional growth for nurses in India.

E-Kshamata: Competency based capacity building

Aastrika Sphere has created the E-Kshamata app, a competency based capacity building solution for all the positions in the Health and Family Welfare Department of central and state governments. 
Aastrika Sphere in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh government's technical support unit ( UP-TSU)  is rolling this out in Uttar Pradesh.  This programme will cover all the health workers.

Ayushman Bharat Digital training for ASHA & MPW

Aastrika Sphere in collaboration with National Health Systems Resources Centre (NHSRC) has developed digital courses on the new Expanded Service Care Packages (ESCPs) of Ayushman Bharat.  The courses are for the front line workers, Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), and Multi-purpose Healthcare Workers (MPWs) to aid in their training.
These courses use adult learning principles and are engaging, interactive, self-paced, bite-sized, and easy to consume on any device at their convenience from anywhere. These courses are available in Hindi and English.

Digital training for MANYATA Clinical Standards 

Manyata for Mothers, in collaboration with the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI), is dedicated to assessing and certifying private healthcare facilities with the goal to enhance the quality of care provided to pregnant women and newborns. As a trusted partner in this programme, Aastrika Sphere plays a vital role in addressing the identified staff training gaps. Through our innovative e-learning modules and comprehensive training programmes, we equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills on 16 Manyata Clinical Standards. By bridging these training gaps, we strive to ensure that every pregnant mother and newborn receives the highest standard of care and support.

Did you know?

Registered nurse-midwives can now get an NPM degree after receiving an additional 18 months of post-graduate training in midwifery.