Our Objectives

Today, India's birthing landscape demands transformative change

We work on improving the supply side of the health system and believe these efforts are key to addressing the maternal health challenges of inadequate care, excessive intervention, and disrespect and abuse through :

1. Capacity Building and Health Systems Strengthening

Enabling India’s healthcare cadres with increased knowledge, skills, and up-to-date clinical evidence will improve healthcare quality across the nation.

Aastrika aims to break existing barriers to continuous learning for healthcare workers, through learning resources that are high quality, easily accessible, freely available, have valuable impact on career prospects, and use modern pedagogy, including simulation and other tools for effective skill-building.

Our Role : Upskilling healthcare workers through Aastrika Sphere

Digital Platform

Comprehensive, high-impact, free-to-use digital platform offering multiple certificate courses

In-Person Courses

Short-term courses using different andragogical approaches for hands-on learning and skill building. 

2. Establishing a Professional Midwifery Cadre

Building a midwifery cadre trained to international standards, specialised in pregnancy, normal labour and physiologic childbirth, and postpartum care.

Our Role : Supporting the GOIs Nurse Practitioners in Midwifery program in Karnataka

GOIs Nurse Practitioners in Midwifery (NPM) program at Vanivilas Hospital, Bengaluru

Aastrika Foundation is supporting the Government of India’s (GOI) Nurse Practitioners in Midwifery (NPM) program, launched in 2018. The program envisions the establishment of Midwife Led Care Units (MLCUs) in high caseload public health facilities to serve low-risk mothers and tackle the challenges of "Too Much, Too Soon" and "Too Little, Too Late."

3. Creating Demand for High Quality Care

Raising awareness about the maternal health challenges and solutions among governments, policy makers, and society will enable reforms and improve the quality of care.

Our Role : Engaging on multiple platforms to address maternal healthcare challenges

Aastrika Outreach Programs

We engage and participate on social media platforms, events, conferences, webinars, as well as with media to raise awareness about the challenges and brainstorm and build consensus on solutions towards addressing the demand and supply side challenges in maternal healthcare.