Our Story

Transforming Birthing for Millions

Our Vision :

The right treatment, at the right time

A future in which every woman is treated with respect and dignity during childbirth and has access to high quality, ethical, and timely maternity care.

Our Mission :

To Increase Access to High Quality, Respectful Maternity Care for 25 Million Women Annually by 2030.

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Our Story

As a mother and more importantly, an Indian woman, I feel strongly about the widespread lack of respect and dignity in our maternal healthcare system. My personal experience, sheer dismay, and discontent kindled a desire to champion change and inspired Aastrika. I hope, through this initiative, we can help transform maternity care so that every woman has a positive birthing experience” – Dr. Janhavi Nilekani

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The organisation started with a 3 member team


Aastrika Sphere was launched. Our first course was on Respectful Maternity Care, in collaboration with Fernandez Foundation


First course accredited by Indian Nursing Council (INC) with Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) points was launched on Aastrika Sphere


Aastrika Sphere’s in-person programmes were launched

The MOU with the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka was signed for the NPM program


Training for the first batch of midwifery educators at the NMTI in Vanivilas hospital was started 

Aastrika Foundation owes thanks to :

Rohini and Nandan Nilekani, for generous support over many years

Rohini & Nandan Nilekani Philanthropies logo

For inspiring Aastrika Sphere

Did you know?

Through our research partnership with the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, we funded research on implementation of professional midwifery in India, including midwifery education, capacity-building initiatives, midwife-led care units, and acceptance of midwifery.