Respectful Birthing- A Woman’s Empowerment issue-Dr Janhavi Nilekani -Founder and Chairperson – Aastrika Foundation

September 1 2022

What makes a birthing experience Respectful and Positive? Is everything out of control when you birth? Would you rather plan things? Do we know how a positive birth experience really looks like?

Our guest on today’s podcast , Dr Janhavi Nilekani, a development economist, Founder and Chairperson of Aastrika Foundation – A Nilekani Philanthropies initiative that aims to bring respectful maternity care as a women’s right to all sectors of the country through various entities, speaks to us about her experience of birthing in India and what led to this massive transformational step in maternal healthcare.

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Hosted by Divya Kapoor, a Certified Lactation Counselor and Birth Educator , this podcast brings to you an exclusive series on Pregnancy Education, seasonal episodes with Experts from the field of Birth, Emotional healing, Medical Science, Fitness and Therapy to help you understand Birth and its physical and emotional impacts better.This Podcast helps you learn from the stories of parents both mothers and fathers, how they worked on the changing relationships post birth. Divya is passionate about physiological Birth, the Emotional impact of Birth on mothers and the changing relationships as her daughter’s birth and the events fresh after that led to its start. It was to tell the story of motherhood that is not exciting, a story where the love is not seemingly divine, not magical, where it lifts itself up, slowly; where, as the child grows the LOVE gets nurtured. She strongly backs the notion of speaking unabashedly about our experiences and holding space for everyone else which is the only way we can navigate this transformative phase of life and create allyship through sisterhood! This is a featured podcast and is rated top 10% on Listen notes!

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