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Aastrika Sphere

A digital platform to amplify systemic change

At Aastrika Foundation, we believe that systemic change at scale is possible only when best practices, ideas, and solutions are shared openly, and a range of ecosystem players come together to collaborate and co-create. Aastrika Sphere (Societal Platform for Healthcare), our comprehensive, free-to-use digital platform, is a step towards achieving this in the maternal health ecosystem.

Aastrika Sphere offers a space for awareness, learning and collaboration beyond the confines of geography. It is a shared learning platform in which individuals can access an entire library of engaging e-learning resources while organisations can create high quality training and skilling content.

Aastrika Sphere addresses the lack of High Quality, Respectful Maternity Care through online courses and digital collaborations.

We aspire to build capacity at scale, so that all childbearing women receive the quality of care they deserve.

Enable skill enhancement and learning among maternal healthcare workers of all cadres, such as doctors, nurses, midwives, and so on.

Educate and empower mothers-to-be and their families to demand better care from health systems.


Our immediate priority is courses on respectful maternity care, courses that support the establishment of a professional midwifery cadre in India, and courses for upskilling in-service nurses. Eventually, the platform will cover the spectrum of maternity care from preconception to postpartum and provide interactive e-learning content for mothers. It will also include credentialing, community dialogues, and other features to engage and enrich the ecosystem.

As more individuals and organisations join, co-create, and contribute to Aastrika Sphere, we expect its impact to grow exponentially. This will lower the barriers of geography and bring together a diverse group of people with a common mission — High Quality, Respectful Maternity Care.


Aastrika Sphere is inspired by Societal Platform thinking and the methodology developed at the EkStep Foundation. This is an approach that advocates cooperation and co-creation between a range of actors in order to solve societal challenges at scale and with speed.


For learners, Aastrika Sphere is free to use. They can log in from any device to register, identify, and learn relevant courses at their own pace. The platform offers multiple social interaction features through which the learner can interact with authors as well as with cohorts taking the same course.

Creators can either directly create the course on the platform or import existing courses. Content created using any standard authoring tool can be imported. The creator can interact with learners through social tools, set up assessments to measure the effectiveness of the course, use analytics to monitor the usage and feedback of the course, and easily edit the course.

Aastrika Sphere is available here. There are several courses available, including ones with CNE credits from the Indian Nursing Council.


We are working closely with ecosystem partners to co-create high quality online courses that seek to enhance the skills and capacities of a range of healthcare providers. The courses are on Aastrika Sphere. Current and planned features for the platform include multi-language support, multi-device support, gamification and social features, assessments, and analytics.


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Together towards quality care, respect, and dignity for all mothers.